CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #26 17.05.2024

Hi to everyone! Today we are posting another video, this time without voice-over. We will be showing some daily tasks of our graphic designers. We have selected the most interesting tasks of the day filmed in one-hour sessions and accelerated a thousand times. Happy viewing!

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #26:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #25 03.05.2024

Hi to everyone! Here are the developers of City Car Driving 2 speaking. We have taken into account the criticism that watching videos without sound is boring and makes little sense. And in the devlog #25, we are sharing the progress in the mechanics of cargo transportation and construction.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #25:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #24 19.04.2024

Hi to everyone! Once, we wanted to show a selection of bugs from the game and, having thought about it a little, we are showing and talking a little about the work of our QA.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #24:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #23 05.04.2024

Hello, car fans! We have collected all questions you had ever asked us. So today we will focus neither on development progress, nor on mechanics or locations. You will find only an extensive list of questions and answers. For your convenience, the questions are classified into categories.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #23:


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