CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #7 18.08.2023

This time we will be covering gameplay only. As we have stated many times, we are making a game, not an end-to-end tutorial, and a game requires smooth transition between learning and entertainment.

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CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #6 04.08.2023

We decided to put aside any technical information In Developers Log #6. So we`d like to share some current development state screenshots with you. Both visible pedestrian and car traffic was meaningly disabled to be presented later in Developers Log that will be fully dedicated to traffic logic.

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CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #5 21.07.2023

In the fifth diary, we will tell you how we create game mechanics. In the first diary, you have already seen some of them. Most of the mechanics are created using the visual programming system Blueprint of the Unreal Engine.

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CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #4 07.07.2023

You will have to continuously assess the traffic situation and constantly make decisions on the road. A characteristic feature of the City Car Driving series is the constant monitoring of traffic rules. In CCD 2.0., we make special emphasis on all the accompanying elements of this idea, for example, compliance with the speed limit, the distance between cars, signaling when maneuvering. We have made significant changes to the system for monitoring compliance with the rules, but we do not want to disclose all the details yet.

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