Big addon release!10.12.2014

Dear customers! Presenting to you the long-awaited big addon! It is a major upgrade (to version 1.4.0) with many new features and a new location! For users of version 1.2.0 (and higher) this City Car Driving update to version 1.4.0 is completely free! Added new exercises, a new location, as well as many other important changes. You can read more about them below.

Version 1.4.0:

General new features and improvements:

New location! Added the first district of a brand new virtual city:

         - more than 20 of highly detailed courtyards;
         - 3 major transport interchanges;
         - 3 large car parks;
         - 8 new landscape textures.

New autodrome! It's used for new special defensive (extreme) driving exercises.

New sounds! For car wheels skidding and sliding effects.

Random dangerous situations! There will be generation of such events as: traffic cars driving on the opposite lane, etc.

New exercises! Added new special defensive (extreme) driving exercises:

         - snake with an offset;
         - snake with overall gate;
         - snake both forward and reverse;
         - turn-8;
         - emergency acceleration, emergency braking;
         - straight limited corridor;
         - pendulum between limiters;
         - limited circular corridor;
         - reversed tunnel gate.

Mirrors adjusting! Added an option of adjusting the mirrors.

- Full changelog of version 1.4.0 - (click to show/hide)

Attention! Any older version must be uninstalled before installing this new one!