CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #30 12.07.2024

Hello everyone! Today, we have prepared a new video for you, we`d like to share with you the views of sunrise and sunset in the game.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #30:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #29 28.06.2024

Hi to everyone! Today, we are showing another part of the gameplay – a trip around the city: in the first person and with the use of the steering wheel.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #29:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #28 14.06.2024

Hello everyone! This developer diary is a bit more relaxed. Instead of screenshots, we decided to show the process of placing objects in one of the game’s locations.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #28:

CCD 2.0 - DEVLOG #27 31.05.2024

Hi everyone! We haven’t published logs about the technical issues of development for a long time. It seems to us that there may be useful information here for UE developers like us. So we are sharing the work process through the example of such small mechanics as window opening and closing and windshield wiper operation.

Link to CCD 2.0 DEVLOG #27:


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