Questions and answers!03.11.2014

Dear customers! We are sure many of you have accumulated many questions about the upcoming addon. Today we are ready to answer on some of the most interesting ones in the form of a small interview.

- Will new addon be paid?
No! The addon will be completely free, as usual update.

- Will the total driving area become larger?
Yes, definitely it will! The new city will be big enough. It will contain roads and intersections of varying difficulty. For example, in the city center is planned to organize a fine-spun one-way roads system. However, it's obviously building of the new big city is a lot of work. Therefore the first addon will not contain the whole city entirely.

- So, the new city will be expanded in future updates?
Exactly! Because we plan to create a big city, building it at once in a short time is not possible. Therefore, new locations will be added gradually in further updates - as districts of the new city. Entrances to areas which are not built yet will be temporarily blocked by special barriers and road signs, so everything will look very natural.

- Any new highways?
Certainly new highways will be, but not all at once in the first addon. In the first addon you will see a new country road. About the other, we will tell later.

- Will there be more courtyard territories, where you can drive in?
Absolutely! We remember that our fans like an opportunity to drive in courtyards very much. So, in the new city we've built a lot of them! Only in the first addon there will be more than 20 courtyards!

- Will the new city be connected with the old one? Or will it be separated?
The new city will be completely separated. The city can be selected at the beginning of the game.

- Will the sound of cars be changed?
Yes, it will. In particular, car wheels slipping and sliding sounds will be added.

- Any chance of adding new features for gameplay diversifying (such as routes generator, which was recently added)?
Yes, generator of emergency situations will be added. It will generate such situations as: sudden walking of a pedestrian on the road, sudden driving of AI car on the opposite lane, sudden stopping of AI car in the front of the player car, sudden sharp lane changing of AI car in front of the player car, etc. Also new extreme driving exercises will be added. And also you will be able to adjust the mirrors.

- Any optimization improvements? Maybe support for multicore processors?
Yes, despite the difficulties, we do not stop working on the optimization. Addon will contain an experimental feature - performance optimization using multi-threaded rendering. This option can be turned on in the game settings.

- And what about the Oculus Rift support?
Yes, we will certainly have the Oculus Rift support, but not in the first addon unfortunately - due to lack of time.

- When will the game be released on Steam? What will be the price there?
We don't know when we will be able to release the game on STEAM yet. There're a lot of bureaucratic things to do. It's rather difficult and take for a long time as we're not the USA resident. This situation doesn't depend on us unfortunately. Now everything we can do is to wait... So, please be patient.

- Any chance for multiplayer (at least up to 4 people, with bots synchronization and without problems with the servers)?
As for now adding multiplayer is not planned.