Version 1.5.9!18.12.2019

We have updated the website version of the simulator to 1.5.9!

Today is a great day to update the website version of City Car Driving to v1.5.9!

So, follow this link now and download the newest distributive of the best car simulator ➜

And just in case we will remind you about the changes were made in the game since the previous update.

~ Global changes ~

➤ New features for a service station.

In this new version we added a new feature - a car repair without restarting your driving session, right during the driving in the free driving mode.

Also in case of a malfunction, you can either drive to the service station by yourself for repair or use a tow truck for that.

In case of a major malfunction (for example, steering or braking system failure, etc.) you must visit a service station in order to repair your vehicle, just like in a real life.

For performing transportation missions on a faulty vehicle, the user gets lower rating.

Also we changed the emergency situations algorithm. Now they appear less often.

➤ Improved the big navigator screen.

Now you can scroll the map with the left mouse button within its display area.

And you can double-click the left mouse button to set a destination point on the map in order to pave the route to it.

New various objects are marked on the map now - in addition to fuel stations: large car parkings, hypermarkets, service stations, monuments.

And now there're some temporary marks of the destination and intermediate points of the route: the key point of passenger and cargo transportation and the destination point of a randomly generated or manually set route.

➤ Changing the weather, time of day or traffic density right during the driving.

Now you can select the time of day, weather conditions, traffic density and behavior without restarting the virtual world.

➤ New city exam.

A new generated route in the new city will be issued to the user in the basic mode of the career instead of the old one.

The old route was always the same, but the new one is randomly generated each time and has a lot of options for training.

For Australian profile the old version of the city exam is kept.

~ And here are also some small updates and fixes ~

➜ Added Canadian localization: new emergency vehicles, road signs, license plates, fines, a “special” right turn a red light.
➜ Added a new all-metal cargo van with automatic transmission in 2 versions: freight and freight-passenger, with the option of driving with a trailer.
➜ Added an automatic transmission for the SUV.
➜ Expanded the choice of right-hand drive cars by adding cars that previously had only left-hand drive versions.
➜ Added an option to couple and uncouple a trailer.
➜ Now all the monuments are in their permanent places, regardless of the selected city decoration.
➜ Added Kazakh localization, that earlier was available only in the website version of the simulator.
➜ Made the virtual world more realistic.
➜ Optimized graphics and performance.
➜ Fixed the problem with jerky traffic.
➜ Updated German localization.
➜ Made the traffic sound even more realistic.
➜ Made ban reasons more obvious and clear in the “City test” mission.
➜ Adjusted the lane change danger criteria, so that you are less likely to receive fines for interference another vehicle.
➜ Removed the wrong fine for driving in the oncoming direction, which you could get in the mountains area, when drive around the obstacle in front of the tunnel.
➜ Now it’s easier to get the 3rd star in the advanced mode of the exercise “Country driving”.
➜ Also now it's easier to get the star "Fastest of All" in the exercise "City test".
➜ Fixed the coolant overheat indicator on the dashboard.
➜ Fixed the unjust fine "Driving in a forbidden direction" after driving through some intersections in the third lane.
➜ Improved sensitivity of gamepads - now it is not too high and not too low, but just as it should be.
➜ Fixed a bug with withdrawing too many rating points after the transportation finishes.
➜ Improved the semantic and corrected some translation inaccuracies.
➜ Now you can safely turn left from Dawn St. to University Av. - you will not be penalized for this!
➜ And now you may no longer be afraid of a fine when driving straight ahead at intersections with no road signs of lanes assignment.

You can download the latest version here on our official website: